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Welcome to KRAH! Nice to have you here

Discover your opportunities with KRAH. Your options to advance your career with us are just as diverse as our products and applications. Have a look around and become a part of our successful team. We are looking forward to you joining us!

Whether you want to take over responsibility as a manager, as an engineer or an economist, or whether you want to join us as a skilled employee with a technical or commercial background, there are attractive tasks, long term perspectives as well as great opportunities for advancement awaiting for you. 

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Whats makes a good KRAH-employee?

We work efficiently and in a cooperative manner. Our global, future-orientated family business is characterized by flat hierarchies and a short chains of command. We appreciate frank and factual exchanges of ideas, independence, as well as the willingness to take on responsibility. 

We pay attention to a healthy work-life-balance. KRAH enables this with for example, flexible working hours, home-office and paid child care during school breaks. Social responsibility and sustainability describe the KRAH way. Our principles detail our commitment to the compliance of high social and ethical standards. As a family business we combine a long-term strategy with modern management methods and attractive jobs. The creativity, speed and high personal drive of our employees are the reason for our competitive advantage. 

Are you a good match for us?

Beside your technical competences there are overall abilities and moral concepts that are important for each and every KRAH employee. Does the following describe you well?

  • In my job I want to fully utilize my potential 
  • I take on responsibility, work independently, and inspire and motivate others
  • I complete my tasks with passion, care and determination
  • Openness and honesty are my traits
  • I enjoy working with others
  • I treat others fairly and respectfully even in disagreement situations 
  • My high standard of quality is no opposition to a friendly, family-like work environment
  • The customer is the meaning and purpose of my job. I will support the customer and their goals with exceptional service
  • Everything can be improved
  • I am open to new things.