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Drolshagen 1970 - following the vision of becoming worldmarket leader
1970Jan 01

The foundation of the Krah group

Foundation of the M. KRAH Elektrotechnische Fabrik GmbH & Co.KG as a „Management Buy-Out“ by Mr. Theodor Hermann and Mr. Rainer Fiala. Start of the production of wire-wound resistors for the industry. 

Employees: 20

Turnover: 600.000 DM

1975Jan 01

Expansion to Italy

With the plant in Italy the sales activities within Europe could be widened. 

1976Jan 01

Enhancement of the general management team

Eckhard Hermann joins KRAH 1976 as a managing partner.

from left to right: Eckhard Hermann, Rainer Fiala, Theodor Hermann

1980Jan 01

First delivery to the automotive industry

In 1980 the first development project for the Golf A1 was successfully realized with Volkswagen, followed by further major projects with our customer Bosch for Holden Motors and the Golf A2.

With the development of this new market segment, a rapid growth in turnover began.

1983Jan 01

Expansion to Switzerland

Foundation of the Widap AG Switzerland for the production and trade of resistors and resistor components. 

1983Jan 01

Takeover of Rheinisch-Westfälische Isolatorenwerke

In 1983 KRAH took over the wire resistor production from RWI (Rheinisch-Westfälische Isolatorenwerke) in Siegburg and RWI-Bauelemente GmbH + Co KG was founded. Later, KRAH-RWI Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH was formed from this. It was the foundation stone for the development of the KRAH Group of Companies.

1990Jan 01

Automated production in Drolshagen

In 1990, about 250 employees and 1,000 home workers were employed in the production in Drolshagen. With the commissioning of the first automatic assembly line, the automation process also began this year - a structural change which was followed 10 years later by a fully automated production.

1991Jan 01

Foundation WITEC

Foundation of WITEC Widerstandstechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Dömitz, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Acquisition of a part of a nationally-owned enterprise with 60 employees. Production of resistors for the industry. 


1992Jan 01

Expansion to Slovenia

Foundation of Resistec UPR d.o.o. & Co. k.d. by taking over the production of the company Iskra. Start of production in Ljubljana. 

1994Jan 01

Fondation of V I A

KRAH is a founding member of the Association of Innovative Automotive Suppliers in the South Westphalia region, VIA for short. The association assumes tasks for the shareholder companies that are not part of the core business and bundles various competencies, for example in the divisions VIA Surface Technology and VIA Consult.

1999Jan 01

Expansion to Brazil

Foundation of KRAH-ICE-BRASIL Ind. e Com. de Comp. Eletrônicos Ltda. in Timbo, Brasil.

1999Jan 01

Expansion to China

Foundation of the first Joint-Venture in Shanghai, China with a Chinese partner.  

1999Jan 01

Milestone 1,000 employees

Since 1999 more than 1,000 employees belong to the KRAH Group.

1999Jan 01

Takeover of Holzschuh GmbH & Co. KG

On 01.01. 1999 the KRAH Group took over the main share of Holzschuh GmbH & Co. KG and thus the production of cable reeling systems at sites in Germany and Slovenia. The remaining shares were acquired in 2005.

2001Jan 01

Enhancement of the general management team

In 2001 Mr. Thomas Klein, who previously worked as head of sales in the company, joins the management board.

2006Jan 01

Foundation of ATHOS

Foundation of Athos Elektrosysteme GmbH as a merger of the cable-rewinder divisions of the companies Holzschuh and Atlanta. Worldwide production and sales of cable rewinders. For more information: Website ATHOS

2009Jan 01

Foundation of KRAH Knittlingen

KRAH Elektrotechnische Fabrik GmbH+Co.KG opens a new plant in Knittlingen, Baden-Würtemberg. 

Employees: 20

2010Jan 01

Milestone 1,500 employees

Since 2010 more than 1,500 employees belong to the KRAH Group. 

2010Jan 01

Milestone € 100M Sales

Since 2010 the KRAH Group has a turnover of more than € 100M per year. 

2010Nov 01

Foundation of ACS Innovations

KRAH is, through the VIA, founding member of the association Automotive Center Südwestfalen e. V. The competence center ACS Innovations was founded to meet challenges in the automotive industry ranging from materials research to e-mobility. ACS aims to establish itself as one of the leading project partners of the entire automotive industry for economic and innovative research and development.

2012Jan 01

Expansion to India

Foundation of the first Joint-Venture (KRAH Woory India - KWI) in India with the Korean partner Woory for the production of resistors for the Indian automotive industry. 

2012Jan 01

Enhancement of the general management team

In 2012 Mr. Christian Hermann joined the management board of the KRAH group of companies.

2013Jan 01

Foundation KWK

Foundation of a Joint-Venture with the companies KSI and WIDAP for the production of resistors for the Indian market. 

2014Jan 01

Acquisition of HighTech

Acquisition of Hightech in Limeira, Sao Paolo. Expansion of the product portfolio with spark-plug connectors. 

2015Jan 01

Foundation of WIDAP, Munich

Foundation of the Widap electronic components in Munich as distributor for electronic components. 

2015Jan 01

Milestone € 150M Sales

Since 2015 the KRAH Group has a turnover of more that € 150M per year. 

2016Jan 01

Acquisition of WIKO

Acquisition of WIKO in Klötze, Saxony-Anhalt for the expansion of the production of suppressors. 

2017Mar 01

Enhancement of the general management team

On 01.03.2017 Mrs. Katarina Brück takes over the technical management of the group of companies within the board of management.

2019Apr 01

Foundation of HKR Automotive GmbH

Foundation of HKR Automotive GmbH through takeover of HKR Seuffer Automotive GmbH & Co. KG together with the South Korean partner HyoSeong. HKR Automotive develops and produces complex controllers for air conditioning in vehicles.