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At KRAH, you have various options to lay the foundation for your career: an internship, vocational training in the commercial or technical area or a dual degree program. Start successfully in your professional career. We offer the structures of a medium-sized family business combined with the world of a hidden champion in the automotive sector.

Join us within the industrial/technical area or the commercial area. You may also like to get a taste of KRAH by completing a school placement first.

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Information for school students

Start of training: 01.08 of each year
Training period: 2 years (shortened training)

The main area of activity is in administration. Here you will perform organizational tasks and ensure that processes run smoothly. You can look forward to a wide range of tasks. You will accompany and control business processes from material procurement to product sales from a commercial perspective. You will process orders, calculate, prepare data and work on your own projects. During your training, you will be trained and supported by experienced specialists in the relevant areas.

As part of your training, you will go through at least the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Financial accounting and controlling
  • HR
  • Quality assurance
  • Work preparation

Every three months you will change departments and thus gain a comprehensive insight into the different business areas of KRAH as well as into the various substantive tasks of an industrial clerk. The typical thing about the training of industrial clerks is the versatility of the tasks and the work in a team. The overriding principle here is 'learning by doing'. This is what makes training at KRAH so interesting and varied.

Your strengths:

You are characterized by a willingness to communicate, analytical skills and flexibility. You also have strong organizational skills and a keen interest in business processes. When working in a team, you make constructive contributions and always have the team's success in mind.


  • Successfully completed high school diploma or specialized baccalaureate (e.g. higher commercial school).
  • Your performance in the subjects German and mathematics should be at least satisfactory





Start of training: 01.08 of each year
Training period: 3.5 years

The main area of operation is within the production in the technical processing center, the automation and control technology and the plant equipment. You will be trained as a technical specialist in our highly automated production facilities. From the beginning we will integrate you into our processes and therefore you will receive a well-founded and practical training by our experienced specialists at the end of which you will receive the skilled worker certificate.

Within the scope of your training, you will go through at least the following areas:

  • automation and control technology
  • technical machining center
  • plant equipment
  • laboratory

Your strengths:

You are characterized by analytical skills, technical aptitude and flexibility. You also have a strong affinity for mathematics and physics. You are characterized by logical thinking and independence. When working in a team, you make constructive contributions and always have the team's success in mind.


  • Preferably advanced technical college entrance qualification
  • Your performance in physics and mathematics should be at least satisfactory.





KRAH supports talents. You can apply your theoretical experience gained during your studies. Your work experience could be realised during the semester breaks, or alternatively a few days a week during semesters. You will have the opportunity to complete your studies, get valuable work experience, write your thesis with us, and last but not least, get your first job with us after completion of your studies.

Relevant specialist fields:

  • Production,
  • Sales and
  • Project Management.

Curricular design

You will be employed at KRAH from the very beginning of your studies. During the lecture period you will be a full-time student. During the semester breaks however, you will complete work experience with us. This way you will achieve both, theoretical and practical learning, at the same time.

Please apply and let us know your desired field of study.

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School placements are primarily meant for those that want to get a taste of a particular specialist field or want to get to know KRAH a little bit better.


Please contact us.

This is what your application should contain:

  • A convincing cover letter in which you briefly introduce yourself and explain to us why you would like to do your training at KRAH.
  • A curriculum vitae in table form: This lists your contact details, your previous school education, any further training you may have had and details of any internships or similar.
  • Your last two school reports
  • Any internship certificates you may have
  • If you apply online, you do not need to send us any additional originals by mail.
  • Please use the common file formats .doc, .pdf, .jpg, .gif. and limit the upload to 5MB.
  • Contact

The application process

In an initial introductory interview, you will gain an insight into the company and the process of your training or student internship. You will tell us something about your experiences and your wishes.

If you have convinced us, you will be invited to an in-depth interview in which all the exact details about the training/ or internship plan will be discussed. During the second interview, you will be given the opportunity to take a closer look at the company.

We look forward to receiving your application.

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