E-Mail Policy


How to send emails to KRAH

IT security is very important to us. Zu Ihrer und auch zu unsere Sicherheit verwenden wir eine Reihe von automatischen Filtern. We therefore do not accept any potentially harmful attachments in emails, including

  • Scripts,
  • Executable files such as batch files (*.cmd, *.bat), powershell scripts (*.ps1) or *.exe files,
  • Office documents in old formats such as doc, xls or ppt and
  • Office documents that contain macros.

Further information on the advantages of the current open XML file formats can be found here.
Information on how to convert an Office document from one of the old formats to a current file format can be found here.

This guideline applies to the following KRAH Group companies:

  • ATHOS Elektrosysteme GmbH
  • Resistec Upr d.o.o. & Co.
  • HKR Automotive GmbH
  • WITEC Widerstandstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
  • Resistec UPR d.o.o. & Co. k.d.
  • Krah Indústria e Comércio de Componentes Eletrônicos Ltda.